Program for BLDL opening week

Photos from the Opening Week

November 2-6, 2009

  • Tuesday 3.11.09 13-16, VilVite auditorium (building next to the department), defence:
    Anya Bagge: Constructs & Concepts, Language Design for Flexibility and Reliability.

  • Wednesday 4.11.09 1400-1830, Auditorium 2144 HiB
    Detailed programme.

    1400-1415: Official opening by Vice-Rector for Education, Professor Kuvvet Atakan, Department head, Professor Torleiv Kløve, and BLDL head, Professor Magne Haveraaen.

    1415-17: Presentations by Don Sannella, Bjarne Stroustrup, Horacio Bouzas, Paul Klint, Eelco Visser, Carl Seger.

    After the opening there will be a reception at the department, 17-1830.

  • Thursday 5.11.09, 9-18, Workshop on Concepts (WoC), meeting room 3137 HiB.
    This is a by invitation only meeting.

  • Friday 6.11.09, 0900-1200, Concept research proposal, meeting room 3137 HiB.
    Discussing EU FP7 options. This is a by invitation only meeting.

  • Friday 6.11.09 13-16, 2144 HiB, defence:
    Valentin David: Language Constructs for C++-like languages, Tools and extension.


The Department of informatics, UiB, is at Thormøhlensgt. 55, NO-5008 BERGEN, 'Høyteknologisenteret' (HiB). It is a silver and blue building next to the main road from the airport to the city centre. The department front office is on the 4th level in the right "tower" when you approach the front of the building. We will be using lecture and meeting rooms in this area for the BLDL activities.

VilVite, the Bergen science centre, Thormøhlensgate 51, NO-5006 Bergen, is the building next to 'Høyteknologisenteret'. There is a free bus service (green buses) between the city centre and VilVite.