Job Opportunities at Bergen Language Design Laboratory

  • A few times a year:

    The Department of Informatics regularly have 4-year PhD scholarships available, open for any subject in the department’s portfolio. The department also has a few post doc positions which are announced every few years. BLDL may also have project funding for PhD, post doc and researcher positions.

    Contact us if you’re interested in applying and working on a BLDL-related topic.

    PhD projects you could work on at BLDL:

    • Developing a new programming methodology with the Magnolia programming language. In Magnolia we integrate programming with program specification, and focus on constructs for developing highly flexible and reusable libraries. We have open projects on both the practical side (compiler infrastructure, integrated editing, case studies) and the theoretical side (specification, language foundations).

      Join us if you want to help develop a completely new approach to programming!

    • Specification-based testing of libraries and reusable code, and data generation for specification based testing. We’re interested in both tool development, methodologies and case studies, and have been working on testing in the context of concept programming in Magnolia and C++, and interface-oriented programming in Java.

    • Abstractions for high-performance computing, either using coordinate-free numerics or data dependency algebras.

    • Application of the above principles on any new domain, supported by systematic domain engineering.

The official announcements will be linked at the department home page. Search for OPEN POSITIONS


For more information on working at BLDL, please contact:

Working at BLDL and the Department of Informatics

  • Salary starts at 429700 NOK/year (€4200 or US$4500 per month) for PhD students, and starts at 482800 NOK/year (€4700 or US$5100 per month) for postdoc positions. Benefits include national health insurance, pension rights and five weeks paid vacation per year.
  • The Department has 21 (full and associate) professors, 20 postdocs/researchers and 45 PhD students, organised in six research groups: Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Optimisation, Programming Theory, Secure Communication and Visualisation. The Bergen Language Design Laboratory belongs to the Programming Theory group.
  • BLDL currently has two professors, and one associate professor as permanent staff.